Going for a mini vacation and worried as to how you would be able to stick to your diet and fitness regimen?

Don’t fret… Here are a coupleof tips that will help u stay as near as your meal plan specially designed byyour Registered Dietician, for your lifestyle

Firstly do not consider diet/meal plan and exercise regimen as a burden… key is to incorporate healthyeating and exercise as a part of normal living patterns…

Be well informed about thelocal foods available at the places that you would be visiting.

Choose wisely the low fatoptions available.

Simultaneously, be also awarethat low fat foods are not necessarily low calorie, especially coz then youtend to eat them in larger quantities. The extra carbohydrates proportioncreated due to the reduction in fat percentage, will eventually get convertedinto fat

Leave your dining table witha feeling that you could have eaten more. Do not stuff your stomach to itsfullest capacity

Keep handy snacks likeroasted chana, dry fruits (preferable the unsalted ones), fresh fruits, roastedmakhanas, khajoor, etc

Avoid loading onto bakeryfoods in your food luggage bag… even the seemingly low calorie healthy/ wholegrain breads and biscuits would do more harm than good coz of the trans-fattyacids or the saturated fats used as leavening agents

Remember the motto “from farmto plate- no machineries in between”

Instead of popping inpeppermints and accumulating sugar and hence fat, healthy idea would be to keepa stock of natural mouth fresheners like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, etc. thesewill up your antioxidant quota too..

Do not neglect your proteinintakes. Carry packets of skim milk powder with you and enjoy fat free milk,any time, any where…

Carry sufficient waterbottles along… do not tank up on carbonated beverages, just because you feellazy to carry the extra weight in your hand bags.

The extra weight that you puton while consuming these on your memorable trip, would be a disaster to healthand lead to guilt later on

Lastly, do not forget yourexercise regimen. Remember, muscle mass tends to be lost within 7 days ofphysical inactivity. Loss of muscle mass leads to reduction in basal metabolicrate and more of fat accumulation and the famous “yo yo syndrome…” which makesfat loss difficult later

Physical activity can be anyforms like avoiding the elevator and using the staircases only of the hotel…walking as much as possible for short distances, especially when the sightseeing distances are shorter…Asana like Surya namaskar, chakki asanas, etc canbe done early morning in the hotel room itself. Mantra is to keep walking (itwill help you burn the extra calories consumed and also keep your metabolicrate elevated…

One would not like to comeback from a memorable trip outstation and be bogged down with the guilt of fattires and love handles accumulated… prevention is better than cure

mostimportantly, even if you have failed to follow any of these tips, pl do notforget to go to your Registered Dietician for your regular scheduled follow upvisit

Stay healthy, stay blessed

Bina Chheda

Registered Clinical Dietician

Certified Diabetes Educator

Certified Sports Nutritionist