It is nothing but the condition when a man ejaculates too soon. That is, before the female partner or the man himself doesn’t arrive at the sexual climax. If a man is faced with a Premature Ejaculation problem, then the couple might not enjoy sex and problems between the couple will crop up. Statistics reveal that this is the major reason for divorces among married couples.

There are two basic types of this disease. The first one is primary premature ejaculation where the man has suffered from this problem i.e. he has not ejaculated after prolonged sex. The second type is secondary premature ejaculation where the men ejaculate later in life due to some inner condition. Normally, younger men are suffering from this disease. The main reason is that men could be inexperienced and indulging in sex for the first time. The excitement and the frenzy associated with few sexual encounters will also cause this disorder. As men grow older they can achieve more control over this.

In some cultures, this disorder is more prevalent than in others. This is due to the sexual taboo that children are made to grow up with. The younger men might find it difficult as they are made to treat masturbation as a wrong thing. This habit makes them prone to premature ejaculation.

There are several treatments available to cure this disorder. This is not a disease. Hence, ejaculating before time can be controlled by doing exercises that involves more mind play. The squeeze Technique is ideal for those who are suffering from this disorder. Masturbation is the best thing to control premature ejaculation. It is continued after the urge to ejaculate passes away. This process is repeated several times. Through this method, the bulk of semen is increased. There are also some creams available that can delay the ejaculation. However, these are not treatments.

It must be understood that this is not a permanent condition. Several men ejaculate at different times during their sexual intercourse. The best thing you can do is to consult your sexologist to get clarified about this disorder.