GET HEALTHY NOW, ASK ME HOW – VI – By Dt. Akshita Aggarwal

Q1. Hi, I am on a weight loss diet and therefore no fruit juices are allowed for me can you suggest some low-calorie juice? 

Ans: Hi, Sushma. You can take tomato juice as it is low calorie and can be enjoyed with little lemon juice and Tabasco sauce as virgin mary mocktail.

Q2.  In summers my digestion of milk becomes week can you suggest a solution?

Ans: Kindly consume milk with elaichi since elaichi is digestive it will help you digest the milk faster.

Q3.  Hi, my BP is normal throughout the year except the summer months my BP generally becomes low in summers. My job profile involves a lot of field work therefore low BP becomes my constant worry as I am afraid that I might faint while travelling the cause is unknown can you explain this tendency in my body?

Ans: Hi, after reading your description I can only narrow down my conclusion to one thing that since you are travelling a lot and you are in the field all the time you must be sweating a lot. Our sweat also eliminates sodium from our body which must have been the reason for your low BP during can be easily corrected by including 2 to 3 salty lemonades in a day.

Q4. I am on a weight loss diet can I consume zucchini? 

Ans: Yes, zucchini can be safely consumed in a weight loss diet as it is a low-calorie vegetable it can be used in a various form just like cucumber it has good moisture content hence very good for summers.

Q5:- Are drumsticks nutritious? 

Ans: Yes, drumsticks are very nutritious and are a very good source of fibre, vitamin C and potassium. Hence, they have various health benefits.