Q1. Hi Doctor, in your last article you wrote about honey, lemon and warm water combination. Well, I take a lemon, honey in green tea is that also harmful? 

Ans:- Yes since green tea will also act like warm water even this combination will harm you. Take your green tea just with lemon or just with honey.

Q2. Is sooji fattening? 

Ans: Well Deepak, I am glad you asked this question. No, Sooji has more fibre than maida and less fibre than wheat. But calorie count is almost same. So if sooji is consumed in the right manner it will not lead to weight gain.

Q3. Is chach more fattening than curd? 

Ans: If you do not add additional malai or milk cream to it like we add in lassi it has almost equal calories than plain curd.

Q4. I am not able to digest milk at night, can you suggest a remedy? 

Ans: Add 50 % water to your milk and then take it. This should resolve your problem.

Q5. I have gas forming tendency, I read it somewhere that I should avoid straws for any drink. I am still wondering why? Does it have a scientific base?

Ans: Yes. When we drink a beverage through a straw we tend to suck in air. This air moves around in our stomach as gas. So, the people with gas tendency feel more bloated and hence uncomfortable. Therefore it is recommended that beverages must be consumed directly from the container.

Q6. Is no cholesterol butter better than normal butter?

Ans: Thank you for asking this question. Well, butter is made from milk and is an animal fat thus is cholesterol-rich. When butter is made from vegetable oil only then it can be cholesterol free. For converting vegetable oil into butter it has to be solidified or hydrogenated which leads to the production of trans fats. Trans fats are all the more harmful to our heart. Hence, it is recommended that in case you want to consume butter take the natural butter in restricted quantity