Q1. Is soya bean is good for weight loss?  

Ans: Soya bean is classified as an oilseed. It is the only legume having  20% of fat hence it is a high calorie food. Therefore anybody aiming for weight loss must not consume too much of soya.

Q2. Is Glucon D fattening? 

Ans: Glucon D is nothing but glucose powder. Glucose is the simplest sugar which does not need any digestion it is absorbed directly by the body therefore for people with sedentary lifestyle these calories are too quick to be exhausted and hence is stored as fat in the body which can cause weight gain.

Q3. Everyone says that bananas are protein and calcium-rich but they are also calorie rich, What is the way out to consume bananas without increasing weight?

Ans: Bananas are moderate sources of calcium and protein but an excellent source of vitamin B 6 and soluble fibres. The glycemic index of ripe banana is high and hence causes weight gain but the glycemic index of raw banana or green banana is known as plantains is low therefore it can be safely consumed without much weight gain.

Q.4. What is protein quality? 

Ans: The protein quality refers to the ability of a protein to get assimilated easily into the body. The higher protein quality, the better will be its absorption. Protein quality becomes important when an only limited amount of protein can be given to an individual like in kidney disorder. Animal protein has better quality than plant protein.