It is quite possible that presence of gallstone can go undetected for years as it may not leave any symptom at all. In other words, it is silent and asymptomatic. The initial presentation is usually confused and treated for gastrointestinal ulcer disease by the general practitioners. 

They start with indigestion and acidity that persists which they normally associate with gastric ulcer.

The next level symptoms include pain in the upper central abdomen, nausea and vomiting, and heart burn. The gallstone pain often occurs in the upper right side of the abdomen below the rib, radiating to the middle back, and right shoulder usually after food. Typically patient will develop aversion to fatty food including vegetarian fatty food .

Once infection sets in fever and jaundice appear. If the stone blocks the bile flow path, jaundice develops which is resistant to medical treatment. In a typical case, you can feel a mass or a lump in the upper right side abdomen.

Simple history and clinical examination of the patient by the gastro surgeon can narrow the possibilities of presence of gallstone.A simple ultrasound scan abdomen will show the Gall stone!