"From no teeth to fixed teeth in just 72 hours"

From no teeth to fixed teeth in just 72 hour, is possible with advanced dental implants.

In conventional basic dental implants used, patient had to wait for at least 3 4 months for implant to get fit into the bone and then crown or cap is given over the implant.

In compared to conventional implants, advanced strategic implants time is reduced from months to hours and after inserting implant in bone, crown or cap is inserted in mouth over implants within next 2 days only. So main advantage of the advanced dental implants is that patient can function. can eat with the dental implant supported teeth from the 3rd day itself without any major surgery or complications.

Now some basic idea about the implant :

What is a Dental implant?

A dental implant is a screw shaped titanium fixture that is used to replace the root of a missing tooth. Dental implant are a well proven treatment method used to replace missing teeth.

The implants acts like a foundation to support crowns,bridges or dentures.

The implant is connected directly to the bone. The bone bonds to implant so strongly that it can withstand all the forces during chewing.

Where can dental implants be used?

Dental implants can be used to

  • Replace a single missing tooth
  • Replace multiple missing tooth
  • Replace all missing teeth

Why missing teeth should be replaced?

When you lose a tooth, several negative things may happen. Aesthetic sand chewing ability may be lost and teeth may start drifting.

Replacing a missing tooth not only helps to prevent the collapse of your bite, it replaces form, function and aesthetics and brings about a harmony dentition.

What are the options to replace missing teeth?

There are three ways that you can replace missing teeth

  • By use of removable dentures
  • By use of fixed bridges
  • By use of dental implants

What are the advantages of dental implants over Bridges?

To make a bridge, adjacent teeth need to be prepared by grinding them down. This may lead to sensitivity and in certain teeth a root canal procedure may be necessary.

Dental implants are on the other hand do not require

Any modification to the adjacent teeth thereby preserving natural tooth structure.

What are the advantages of over denture implants?

People wearing dentures often complain of the dentures being loose while eating or speaking and this can lead to embarrassing situations.

With just a few implants your denture can be secured so that such a situation can be easily prevented and so that you can chew your food with more comfort and ease.

What should I expect during the dental implantation procedure?

The placing of the implant is a painless procedure as your dentist gives you a local anesthetic. Healing after the procedure is usually also painless and uneventful.

You can resume your regular work immediately after the procedure. Just follow the instructions provided by your dentist.  In basic implants, healing of bone takes normally 3 -6 months normally. After that further measurements are taken for crowns. Whereas in advanced implants, measurements are taken the very day of the procedure and by the end of third day, you have teeth placed on implants in mouth.

How long dental implants last?

The very first implant was placed before 50 years ago and it has worked till now. There should be no reason that the implant shouldn’t last you a lifetime as long as you maintain them daily and have them checked periodically.

Just as in healthy teeth,implants will stay in a healthy mouth.

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