Pain is a common symptom of most afflictions which affects our quality of life. It is a warning bell that something is wrong with our body. Generally it is seen that patients neglect the first signs of pain. eventually when the inability to perform simple day to day activity sets in, they suddenly become conscious about their ill health. But in some of these cases unfortunately the pain becomes nagging and chronic due to the patients negligence and procrastination to seek timely medical help.

Chronic pain affects our personal and professional life. Expensive painkillers without medical guidance leads to other chronic problems like rise in blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Thus proper pain management is important. 

Treatment is tailor made for every patient with chronic pain after a thorough medical check up.Chronic pain is reduced with the latest specialised injections called pain blocks. Blocks are nonsurgical way of relieving the pain. Blocks are given for problems arising out of lifestyle disorders, due to ageing, and in people who cannot tolerate surgical procedures due to heart problems, kidney and liver problems and so on. Pain blocks reduce the patients pain significantly and allow them to lead a life without suffering, with dignity and independence.

Common conditions managed are Low back pain, neck pain, headache, migraine, knee and joint pains, postoperative pains, nerve pains (diabetic neuropathy), cancer pain, musculoskeletal pains and any pain of more than 1 to 3 months of duration which is not relieved by medicines. Our aim is to reduce the physical suffering and pain .No one should suffer from pain when Safe, Scientific and Specialised non surgical treatment options are available because the Quality of Every Life Matters.