Many assume teenage comes to an end and off goes acne. Well, that may be wishful thinking. Even as you turn 30, seeing the first sign of wrinkles, you may find acne lingering. Unfortunately , acne doesn't necessarily end in the teenage years, it can affect you even when you are 50. Whatever your age, acne can be irritating and depressing -but it is treatable. Acne is caused by fluctuating hormones, pregnancy , puberty , stress, genetic influence, use of birth control pills, irritant cosmetics, drugs, pollution and sometimes diet. For some it resolves without treatment, while others need aggressive management.

Acne manifests in various forms like blackheads, white heads, papules, pustules, nodules, cysts and scars. It usually occurs on the face, front and back of chest where sweat collects and blocks hair follicles and ducts. Acne boils would be noticed in groins, armpits and around buttocks too.

Adult acne is more common in women, only 25 per cent men seem to suffer from acne. Irrespective of age and the stage at which acne is, the right treatment can get you flawless skin.

Le Gorjuss Clinic has advanced technology and treatments to combat acne with negligible side effects at affordable prices.

Some of the revolutionary treatments offered are: Blue light LED therapy for acnekills acne bacteria with no side effects, like that of drugs.
Advanced combined sequential peels from Spain and USA.
#Hydrafacial from USA.
Erbium Glass laser for acne scars, with no downtime.
Medlite C6 laser from USA to reduce acne.
These lunchtime procedures ensure that your busy schedule remains undisturbed. These tre atments promise minimal side effects, low downtime and long lasting results.
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