• Audiologist And Speech Language Pathologist will be registered with Rehabilitation Council of India not by any medical council .You can google after writing “Rehabilitation Council of India” to know more.
  • The College from where they studied will be affiliated by RCI Also.
  • Their online profile will be having information about the college and University both, not only University.
  • Professional with valid degree if they have PhD they will mention the subject also in which they did PhD instead of writing only PhD.
  • Quacks will never display their degree in Audiology and Speech language Pathology at their Clinic.Most of the time they will also scared to put their profile picture at online portal or any other places.

Do you know? DHLS is diploma course in the field of speech and hearing and these professional are trained to work as speech therapist assistant/audiologist assistant. 

Note: The above information are just to get an idea. There may be acception also.