Do fitter people have better and more sex? We don't know if it’s better and if it’s more, but sex for sure is better for people who are in better shape. Time and again it has been proved by many studies that fit people enjoy better sex lives as compared to the ones that are not in good shape.

There can be plenty of reasons for this, some of the common one are:

1. When you are fitter, it is easier for blood to flow through your arteries, to supply blood to every part of your body. Now, your genitals are part of that system too. When you get aroused, the physical effects happen because of the increased blood flow to your genitals. So, if it’s easier for blood to flow through your arteries, it'll be easier for it to flow to your genitals to get aroused. Erectile dysfunction is partly physiological, and is due to the reduced blood flow to penile tissue.

(Viagra, the world famous drug was concocted to help patients with high blood pressure. The goal was to increase blood flow to all parts of the body, but in clinical trials, it induced marked penile erections. And Viagra happened.)

2. For men, when you have more muscle in your body, your body produces more testosterone, the male hormone. This hormone is responsible for making you manly and attracting more women towards you. It’s surprising, but hormones have a strong role to play in attraction between the sexes. When people talk about chemistry between individuals, it happens at a more primal level that most of us think.

Have your ever thought, why are men attracted to women with a nice shapely butt? Sure it’s attractive, but it’s attractive because at a primal level, our brains look at it as prime property for making babies.

Same ways, why are women attracted to men with well-developed shoulders? Because her brain at a primal level suggests that a man with muscle cannot just protect her, but also has more testosterone, thus, will produce higher quality semen and is a better baby making machine.

3. Last but not the least, fitter people are better looking. For the same individual, being in better physical shape makes them more attractive to their partners. So, even if you're in a steady relationship, chances of having a sizzling sex life increases further if you keep yourself in a better shape.

In a recent study, women were shown photos of men and were asked to rate them based on their attractiveness. It was found that the highest rated men also had the highest testosterone levels.

So crank out those pushups and crank up the sizzle of your sex life!