“Ugh! The Monday Blues!”

“Damn it's Monday again!”

Monday blues are a common symptom of unhappiness at work front. It’s very rare that I come across people who don’t seem to find Mondays very gloomy and dull. For the longest time, I had this word “IKIGAI” as my status on Whatsapp. People who would see my status kept wondering what it meant. Many assumed I had randomly put together a few letters, literally rambling. Bur No! This word does mean something and we have the Japanese to thank for it.

Disappointing Jobs: 

Being a Psychologist and life coach, I often come across clients, who are extremely upset and disappointed with their jobs or the work they do. They are psychologically affected and emotionally drained out.I have often heard people compare themselves to others complaining how easy it is for them to do what they love. Well my question to them is “If they can, why can’t you?” Probably because not many of us understand the fusion of passion and stability. It is not impossible nor is it a fairy tale. 

We all have IKIGAI 

Ikigai means, a reason for being, a purpose. It quite directly asks the question “What is your reason to get up every morning?” “Iki” refers to life and “gai” pertains to what one hopes for. The next and most important question is – How to find it?

IKIGAI cannot be found through aptitude tests or searching online. Its achieved and understood through a lot of introspection. It is not just confined to a career or money, Ikigai speaks of life in general.

All you need to do is take a breather and sit down to really answer these simple questions. 

Ask yourself these questions: 

Q1: What do you love doing? 

Q2: What are you good at?

Q3: What does the world need from you?

Q4: What can you get paid for?

Your Ikigai will overlap these circles. 

Find your Ikigai

Time to find your Ikigai

Ikigai is a step closer or quite easily the first step towards self-awareness, to find a deeper meaning and value to life. It shapes the goals and desires giving it a meaningful direction. So if you are really unhappy and find it difficult to wake up every day. 

Take a break and try to find your IKIGAI. 

It is within you and will surface once you allow it to!