SSG (SonoSalpingography) is a very useful option before taking decision for Laparoscopy or IVF.

Sometimes HSG shows both the tubes are blocked. In that case, the couple has to choose between two options

1) Laparoscopic surgery first. If that fails, then IVF 

2) IVF directly without surgery.

But the decision is difficult for most of them.

SSG is an option before you take the final decision. 

If tubes are open on SSG, you can avoid both Laparoscopy and IVF. 

If the SSG shows tubes are open, depending on the reports of you and your husband, we can advise medicines (Ovulation Induction) or IUI. At the same time, during SSG, we can evaluate the condition of your uterus and the ovaries. Finally, it's very cheap (even cheaper than HSG).

However, if SSG also suggests tubal block, you have to choose between Laparoscopy and IVF.

This woman was referred to us for SSG, because her HSG showed both the tubes blocked. She was not interested in Laparoscopy or IVF. We performed SSG and found the tubes open. So she can now try naturally.