Why do people fail in fulfilling their dreams? Why do we find it difficult to progress even when we try to follow the popular diction "You can achieve everything in your life if you think positive". 

We are often confused with the question "Why am I unable to achieve anything?" or "Why do I always fail?".  Positive thinking alone is unlikely to change much of anything in the physical world. You can sit there and hope, pray, project, imagine, fantasize, visualize, make up great affirmations and just about any other kind of positive thinking idea you can imagine, and not much will change - at least not without actually getting involved, without taking some form of action towards what you want more of in your life. No matter where you are, what you have endured, or what your current level of circumstance, you can almost always do something to improve the quality of your experience, even if you can't do much about the quantity of it. Indeed, not everyone is going to reach at the top of the material world success pyramid; however, everyone does have the opportunity to improve the quality of their life experience.

We are now familiar with the ideas- Positive Thinking, Negative Thinking, and Realistic Thinking. Modern Psychology defines it and we understand it very well. I would like to introduce ‘Faith Thinking’ as an integral model of Spirituality and Psychology and as a holistic approach to success.

Positive Thinking

This is a mental attitude or a worldview. A common idiom used to illustrate optimism versus pessimism is a glass with water at the halfway point, where the Positive Thinker is said to see the glass as half full and the Negative Thinker sees the glass as half empty. It is defined as expecting the best possible outcome from any given situation. It thus reflects a belief that future conditions will work out for the best. 

Negative Thinking 

This is a state of mind in which one anticipates undesirable outcomes or believes that the evil or hardships in life outweigh the good or luxuries. The degree in which situations like these are evaluated as something good or something bad can be described in terms of one's optimism or pessimism respectively.

Negative thoughts are our guests without an invitation. Though we do not admit it, our mind engages in negative thinking many times. Negative thoughts reside in us through fear, sadness, anger, jealousy, hatred, disgust, low self- esteem, fear of failure, finding fault with others etc. If a person tries to change his track he will have the virtues like joy, enthusiasm, self-confidence, peace, encouraging each other etc. These are the characteristics of Positive Thinking. If the situations are favorable he will continue to achieve his dreams with zeal and enthusiasm. If a person is having Positive Thinking by nature he will strive to accomplish his goal. A person having Negative Thinking by nature will withdraw in small failures or unpleasant comments by others. If a person with positive thinking fails continuously after repeated attempts he may have a different approach -  

Realistic Thinking 

They will understand and admit the reality. They may be sad but won’t be distressed. They will attempt for something else.

In short, Positive thoughts will be strengthened when circumstances are favorable. Whenever there are hindrances we may go to negative thoughts. I would like to introduce the significance of ‘Faith Thinking’ which is an integral method of modern Psycho-Spiritual approach here. Deep faith in God and strong willpower are coupled together in Faith Thinking. We should understand the definition of faith -  “Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see”. This school of thought, Faith Thinking, will help us to move forward in confidence that God will fulfill my dreams even when the situations are not favorable; accepting the realities and keeping in mind that I am much behind the goal. The training in Faith Thinking will help us to move forward without losing hope and without giving up.

Using the terms of Psychology we can explain Faith Thinking like this. In this approach, we avoid all negative elements in thoughts; Universal Consciousness, which is of God and Human mind, which is of us are joined and coupled with the Supernatural skills which are the result of prayer and trust in God. Those who have succeeded in life had practiced Faith Thinking. As part of Faith Thinking, there should be a change in our attitude, thoughts, actions and behavior.  Only then it is going to be effective.

In other words, faith thinking is a higher version of positive thinking. A positive thinker sees the positive aspect of a situation whereas a faith thinker not only believes in himself but also has deep faith in God.

Precisely, "God is with me. He will let only good to happen in my life. If the things which I dream will ultimately give me happiness and prosperity it will come true in my life, otherwise, it won’t". This is the attitude of those who have Faith Thinking and they will sincerely work hard for success and will be tension-free. If you are a Faith Thinker, success is yours.