1. Anal fissure is a cut in anal wall.
  2. Passage of hard stool is the main reason for Anal Fissure as hard stool causes frictional injury to the anal wall.
  3. Extreme pain while passing stool is the main symptom of Anal Fissure. Pain is so intense that patients tries to avoid defecation. 
  4. Usually there are episodes of recurrence of anal fissure.
  5. Recurrence of Anal fissure results in formation of Senital tag – a skin growth from lower edge of fissure cut. Most of the times; Senital tag is mistaken as piles by patients.
  6. Modern medicine recommends partial sphincterectomy or anal dilatation as treatment for Anal Fissure. Recurrence and stool incontinence are the post operative complications in both of these treatments.
  7. Anal fissure can be treated successfully by Ayurvedic Kshar Karma therapy treatment without surgery; without any complication and without recurrence.
  8. In Kshar Karma; certain Ayurvedic medicines are applied in rectum which leads to healing of fissure. 
  9. Senital Tag can be removed by Kshrasutra ligation which is an OPD procedure and patient can go home after an hour rest. 
  10. Patient suffering from Anal Fissure should take adequate amount of fluid; take plenty of fibrous foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits, salad etc. and avoid spicy food and fast food. 

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