Abdominal or Tummy fat is the most troublesome problem of our generation. With ever growing fast food culture and sedentary lifestyles, obesity has become a big problem.

You may notice the unwanted fat layer that is accumulated near the belly area. Following are some exercises, which in conjugation with diet, can shed the extra fat around your belly.

The Butterfly crunches

Butterfly Crunch

First, lie on your back. Put your hands behind head, & your soles together. Then move your joined feet as close as you can to your body. 

Touch the floor while the stomach muscles are being contracted. Exhale, then curl your chest off a few inches of the floor toward the legs and make 10 repetitions.

The Plank


This exercise looks very simple but it directly affects the stubborn fat on your belly.Start position is on your hands and knees ,abdomen and back are contracted drop down to your forearms rest on your feet’s balls .Maintain the back straight, the neck relaxed, and the hips up.stay in that position 3 seconds and back to start position.Make 10 repetitions or more.Increase the reps as your stamina develops.

The Scissors Exercise


Its name suggests the core of this exercise. Lay on your back, fingers behind the head. Maintain the abdominal muscles tightened, raise the left knee and touch it to your right elbow. Go back to the primary position, and then raise the right knee and touch it to your left elbow. Do 15 repetitions with alternations of sides with the abs contracted and relaxed hands so that you avoid straining your neck. Do 2 sets.

The leg swings

leg swings

Lay down on your back with legs and feet pointed out and arms sideways, Bring the navel in toward the spine while bending the legs to the left side about 5 inches from the floor and exhale . Back to start position and repeat with the other side 15 repetitions.Do 3 sets.