Excesses and lack of attention to each other, exercise, food, habits can cause erectile dysfunction.

-Dr Vaibhav Lunkad

It can be very depressing but it's true that excess and lack of personal, social, material, professional, erotic, porn can cause erectile dysfunction for long times to recover.

So esp the white collared sedentary people suffer the most.Also the rich powerful suffer the most no doubt.We are doing counseling separately for each partner and infidelity seems rising too.

Causes of stress can be of such a big variety that excesses or total lack of exercise,diet,water intake,attention,sex,porn,addicting habits,politics in relationships,all can add up to such an extent that its a bundle of causes we need to address for sex and relationship problems.

So just get going and start attending to smaller things too which you keep neglecting or diverting or postponing.Relationships are as easy as gardening work where timing of all activities matter.Everything in time and time for everything can save relations,love and interest in sex says Pune doc Dr Vaibhav Lunkad