Size of the penis can be a sensitive concern for most of  the men. Pills, surgery, injection, and devices are some of the methods that are used to enlarge the size of a penis, but these are useful for them who have a medical disorder or penile trauma affecting the penis function. The penis has a complicated anatomy, which means that penis enlargement can be risky and tricky.

Major concerns

Various structures in the penis allow performing the major functions of ejaculation and urination:

  • The erectile body is also called the corpus cavernosum. In no time it gets filled with blood to get an erection before ejaculation.
  • The urine comes out from the urethra. It is known as the thin tube that runs in the penis and carries urine out from the bladder. The urethra is a part of corpus sponginess is which turns back in the penis helmet or glans penis.

Any process that focuses on making the size of the penis larger can damage the structure, which will lead to sexual dysfunction, having trouble while urinating or interfering with the flow of blood in the penis.

Options of enlargement

Various options are presented to men who are not satisfied with the size of their penis. While it might be tempting if it’s a major concern, you must know that it will not help achieve goals you are looking for and the complexities are higher.

Pumps and vacuums

These devices get placed on the penis, by keeping in mind that pulling it can make the penis lengthy. There’s no proof that it works and you might get an injury.

If you want to go for penis enlargement, make sure to consult a Sexologist before proceeding further.