Every day is bonus love eat sex sensibly(E d i b l e s) says Dr vaibhav Lunkad

Everyday is bonus-What matters is the letter A means attitude of activeness ,approachability, action, appreciative of all small and big things,asking,allowing to be as one is,animating feelings and thus by attitude "treat everyday as last and  a bonus for all of you especially both. Then naturally ease romance forgiving pleasuring starts and easy to maintain without daily sameness where boredom sets in and love and sex dries up.

Love as if you got to do it all for the last and best time daily like a child and try and give your all without hesitation,procrastination,pride or prejudice and  no matter what is preoccupying your energy or attention.So take a cold water shower and give each other with cheer a glass of cow milk with ghee or your favorite drink and make up all the daily breakup or worn-outness in bed .Remember always that love making is the best exercise for all parts of the body and mind and need not always or must end in sex as cuddling and massaging also serves all the purposes a sexual intercourse gives and becomes less performance demanding which can be bothersome and cause of absence of romance in life.So just be the best childhood friends in bed and you will never play psychological games which destroy the very essence of understanding in marriage.

Eat or drink very light and healthy foods as it is excess of unnecessary "filling in"  which is the root cause of obesity and dullness in life.Just fill in the emptiness of life or of each other by humor,laughter,jokes,songs,music,dance ,exercise,just holding each other closely ,hugging,patting etc.Eat away the ego and drink to be blessed to have this day in your life.

Have SEX sensibly without hurting each other by small things like mouth or body smells,gases,pressures,stubbornness and you can do all things in a new funny friendly fully enjoyable way every day.Every day is bonus love eat sex sensibly(E d i b l e s) says Dr vaibhav Lunkad