Stress, traffic and a terrible schedule hovering all over your scanty space of self-care - it is evident that you have little time and energy to set it back on track. Yet again, Ayurveda is here to save your day with an essence of amazing range of essential oils available even at the remote corners of the earth.

 Unbeknownst to many, essential oils have numerous therapeutic effects if and when used regularly in your lifestyle coupled with your regular regimes. Ayurveda recommends to include at least a few of these essential oils with anti-inflammatory and soothing characteristics in your day to day activities.

How To Infuse A Few Essential Oils For An Amazing Rejuvenation

1. Infusing Your Living Area Or Workspace With A Few Aromatic Essential Oils - You may or may not be in the right space, but an aromatic atmosphere infused with a combination of a few essential oils can actually relax you after a long day at work. All you need to do is put a few drops of an essential oil of your choice in an oil infuser and warm it up so that it can reach the remote corners of your safe haven and freshen it up. You can use lavender oil, citric oil, or any of the fragrance available from flowers of your choice.

2. Bathing In A Water Prepared With A Few Drops of Therapeutic Essential Oils - While you’re struggling to catch up with your day’s schedule and there are tons of things that you need to take care of, it is always better if you start the day with a bath infused with freshening essential oils with therapeutic effect. Again, you can use a few oils with soothing characteristics - e.g. Germanium Oil, Peppermint Oil or a Rose OIl to calm your senses down.

3. Treating Your Wounds And Acnes With Anti-Inflammatory Essential Oils - Minor wounds and acne break-outs can also be treated with a few dabs of anti-inflammatory essential oils like Tea-Tree Oil or Peppermint Oil. These oils tend to be anti-biotic and helps the skin recover from any external damage by soothing it with a constrictory effect. These can also help control the tentative break-outs that your body may be susceptive to based on the dosha imbalance.

4. Flavoring Your Food Items WIth Edible Essential Oils - What better way to include the essential oils than including it as a flavouring agent for your desserts and meals. A range of flavoring essential oils include Rose, Lemon, Orange, Mint or Peppermint Oil can actually elevate the taste of your delicacy. Inclusion of such natural flavoring agents can also help your digestion to improve owing to the calming effect of these oils.

Overall, it’s always nice to add a tinge of natural and essential elements in your day to day life and essential oils are just the easiest way to get started for a therapeutic lifestyle with an Ayurvedic essence.