Emotions are more causative of disease than germs or worms-Dr Vaibhav Lunkad

Worms or germs that cannot be seen in investigations like blood or urine are worse

than the seen or known.The unseen enemies are more dangerous than the seen,and
in case of man they are his/her own emotions.

Emotions are totally down in depression and other diseases and they can create very big

ups and downs in our life.

Even without our knowledge there are lots of effects on our organs,hormones and
systems and this is how we land in Erectile dysfunction,loss of
desire,premature ejaculation,addictions,frigidity,excesses,diabetes,hypertension,hyperthyroidism,hypothyroidism,Acidity,diarrhea,ulcers,joint pains,auto-immune diseases,insomnia,cancers and what not.

This has already been proven that overthinking and negative thinking causes T cells
dysfunction and immunity to act against ourselves.

Feelings of hopelessness,resentment, grief,hate,suppressed guilt or anger can cause
realistic and dangerous diseases like Infertility and Glaucoma too.Thus pure
somatic diseases are very few but psychosomatic diseases are the maximum ones
we suffer from and their effects are also the worst.

So by going out and giving out and letting go many problems can be solved.

So let's remember that Emotions are more causative of diseases than germs or worms
or viruses.