An ear is one of the most sensitive sense organs of hearing and balance of the body.

The ear has 3 parts:

  • external ear
  • middle ear
  • inner ear

The external ear has ceruminous glands which secrete wax. So wax is the normal secretion of the external ear.

There is 2 variety of wax, dry and wet. Dry wax is formed, dry up on its own and falls off the ear.This is a self-cleaning mechanism of the ear. 

Wet wax tends to accumulate.this needs to be periodically cleaned using a wet cloth in the outer ear. 

If the secretion is excess it tends to get pushed more into the ear canal and can cause ear blockage, ear pain, hearing loss. It may complicate keratosis obturans also.This needs to periodically cleaned by a specialist once in 6 months.

Never put an earbud in the ears, this can damage the eardrum and cause a fungal infection of the ear, and even push the wax more inside the canal.

Never put water or heated oils in the ear.Usage of earphones is limited for 30 min a day. Earplugs during swimming is very helpful. Loud exposure of sound is to be avoided. Mobile usage also to be limited to not more than 2 hours a day.

All these measures help to have a happy ear.