The smallest appearance of any fat around the chest for men is a moment of horror and shock. It is the kind of fat deposit which no man would be caught dead in. So, what can be done to delete any sort of risk of developing these absolutely unwanted ‘male breasts’?You will be surprised to know that the very act considered to be manly- 1.Chugging alcohol one drink after the other leads to the development of traits which are exactly opposite of manly. 2.Excess alcohol intake causes alterations in your hormone system which can lead to not only the formation of male breasts but also sexual infertility.How it works once Alcohol goes inside?The smartest way to enjoy alcohol and not let it affect your body is by not exceeding 3 drinks within 2 hours. The science is simple when you consume alcohol your liver puts breakdown of every other kind of ingested fat on hold and concentrates on breaking down the alcohol as it becomes the priority food for that moment. Till this alcohol is completely processed by your body, it stores more fat than normal. Your liver can take up to 2 days to process a couple of drinks! Now what happens to the fat in all the other foods which you ate along with of after your drink? That fat is just stored in your body in fat cells thereby making you gain weight. In short it slows your metabolism down. The time limit of two hours is quoted to give you a sense of the efficiency of your liver. You do not have a super liver, in case you exceed the suggested drinks quota and go beyond 3 drinks in 2 hours, then that takes a toll on your liver. Your liver in the presence of the extra alcohol goes into a stress situation thereby inefficient breakdown of alcohol starts and accumulation of the fat starts to build up around the liver causing fatty liver condition. For healthier liver, morning lemon water is really helpful. Now, once you have an inefficient liver, the breakdown of hormones by the liver also suffers, creating a misbalance of hormones in the body. This misbalance majorly affects the levels of oestrogen and progesterone. The excess oestrogen fails to be broken down and eliminated from the body by the diseased liver thereby letting the oestrogen have its own effects in the body- causing male breasts development and eventually sexual infertility if not treated at the right time. The condition of development of male breast is called gynecomastia. In turn, a perfectly balanced hormone ratio actually promotes healthy weight loss.Alcohol intake and Male boobsBesides, promoting the growth of man boobs, alcohol is also high in calories. These calories are all sugar based, so they are simple carbohydrates. The mixers in alcohol such as colas and juices add to the sugar intake. Excess sugar promotes fat storage in the body. Increased fat in the body also promotes fat storage in the chest area, further exacerbating the condition of male breast. Along with alcoholic drinks, excessive consumption of so called healthy food can also make your body develop male breast. It can also lead to abnormal production of oestrogen in your body. With increasingly sedentary lifestyles and increased food and alcohol intake, the problem of male breast is becoming increasingly common. As you also gain weight in the process you put your heart, liver, kidney and thyroid at stake. All of these organs are at an excessive risk of developing a serious condition under a glut of alcohol in the body.What is the solution to reduce man boobs/male breasts? 1.Your first step should be to reduce your alcohol intake and not allow your man boobs to grow anymore. 2.Then, work on cutting down your body fat. Watch your diet, and get some exercise to reduce your male breasts.