Our body is made up tiny cells and these cells form tissues and these tissues form organs and every organ , gland , the muscle of the body work together , and play their specific role to keep us healthy . The liver plays the most important role. “Liver” is an old English word for ‘life’. Chinese call it “the father of all organs”. 

In Ayurveda, it is a pitta organ.  Sometimes called the engine of the body, the liver has many important roles to play in digesting, metabolising and manufacturing essential compounds. For instance, the liver is responsible for converting clear plasma (Rasa Dhatu) to blood (Rakta Dhatu). It is the liver's job to scan and identify toxins in the plasma  and store them so they don't enter the blood. This maintains the purity of the blood by keeping  impurities, from mixing with it.But that's not all. The liver secretes bile, using it to break down and digest fatty acids; it produces blood-clotting factors and at the same time creates protective elements that keep blood clots from blocking the circulatory system. It converts sugar into glycogen and stores it for use by the muscles in the form of glucose energy; it synthesises proteins and cholesterol. The liver is also the place the body stores valuable trace elements such as iron, copper and Vitamins A, D and B12.So, we are only responsible for choosing what you put into your body. Liver toxins can be found in the food around you and that you love to eat.Peoples are taking treatments for a number of problems constipation, allergies, skin rashes, high cholesterol, irritable bowel, high blood sugar asthma, not knowing that the real problem stems from your liver.  This beautiful large detoxifying organ is sluggish, clogged, ailing, and unhappy. And it is all the result of poor diet and lifestyle.Behind this fact of poor lifestyle, there is good news too this organ is the true father as it is very forgiving. The optimum liver function can be restored and even a damaged liver can be regenerated.  It's all a matter of knowing what to do and what not to do . Nowadays it is not so easy to regain a happy liver as it was 100 years back , now we are surrounded by pollutants all around not just outside , but inside our home all , chemicals have become part of our life and our liver is not designed to deal with chemicals and pollutants. So it’s a good idea to do detoxification of our body with the natural system , under the guidance of a dietician or person deal in naturopathy and wellness. In our ancient times, people use to fasts for more than a week in every 6 month that was scientifically a process of rejuvenation and detoxification of the liver. 

The liver is designed to operate with clocklike precision. At about two to clock in the morning it begins to sort out the nutrients received from the last meal . if that meal has been light and not eaten too late in the day your liver will easily manage , sending sufficient bile to the gallbladder for next stage of digestion . on the other hand if you will eat heavy meal and too late in night then liver have to do overtime in your MNC without any extra charge , and you will feel grumpy and complain I am not a morning person , actually you are “liverish”. Your liver is overburden , then you get a cup of coffee or tea to get a jump start , but this habit compromises the liver even more . you may then bread butter or junk or fried, oily and all Packed and fancy food from the market or so-called supermarket sound so trendy but full of trans fat , chemical additives , your liver will eventually give up .Some of the signals of liver anguish include High BP Elevated cholesterol , Weight  gain,  Potbelly Cellulite, Indigestion, Abdominal bloating Irritable bowel syndrome Eczema , acne rosacea , pimples Chronic fatigue syndrome Brownish spots on the skin (liver spots)Hot flushes ,Compromised pancreas,  Depression,  Irritability. The list goes on Most of in our Indian culture treat these symptoms with drugs and carry on their liver-destroying lifestyles. Fibre is an essential ingredient for a well-functioning liver, so eat whole fruits, vegetables (raw if can be consumed) and fibres need more water as it soaks up water ten to thirty times its weight, so consume lots of water.Whole grain, good fat, orange, carrots, beet root, turnip, whole fruits, basil leaves, broccoli etc good for the liver. Eating alkaline fruit empty stomach boosts up the functioning of liver and metabolism. Cook fresh and eat fresh, keep salad with the major meal, take dinner early and it should be light and healthy. Those who are suffering from any symptom of liver distress can adopt liver – cleansing diet.  We all should adopt the common Russian greeting, “how’s your liver today?”