Height enhancing syrups, supplements claiming results which are very attractive are a day to day affair. Those have a hitch of being shorter are carried off every day.Parents want to have tall children and generally ignore their own height. the desire to have a taller stature is being caused by alluring advertisements. Endocrinologist are being called by many parents for the height problems. Shorter than peers, younger siblings getting taller, standing first in the school assembly row, no shortening of clothes, Are the common points in history of patients. Sometimes is been diagnosed by a doctor when girls have premature menarche and there is concern of short stature. how much a person will grow depends on parental height, nurition, associated illness, onset of puberty ,and rarely hypothyroidism, growth hormone deficiency and sometimes rare illnesses.so if a girl who has attained menarche with an advanced bone age will not have increment in height .Boys who have atained puberty i.e change of voice, prominent adams apple and moustache are not the ones who can grow on treatment.Appropriate evaluation by an Endocrinologist and proper care brings wonderful results.Growth hormone therapy is finding great results in most relaxed and wider permitted indications these days.