Cataract is the most commonly performed eye surgery. With modern advanced phacoemulsification techniques and better anesthetic drugs, there is a shift in paradigm from large incision suture based surgeries (Extra capsular cataract extraction) to minimal incision sutureless surgeries. Now cataract can be operated even under topical anesthesia (No injection required to anesthetize the eye) which speedens the recovery and minimizes the need for post operative bandage.

What to expect on first Post operative day?

With new techniques involving minimal intervention, sometimes, it becomes difficult to differentiate operated eye from normal eye. In most patients eye is usually white with clear vision. But it is not unusual to see red eye on first day which could be damage to small blood vessels present in conjunctiva. This redness usually resolves over 2-3 weeks without any visual disturbance.

Sometimes, the vision may be blurred on first day which could be due to mild corneal swelling which resolves over 1 week. It takes nearly 4 weeks for eye to heal completely after cataract surgery

Precautions to be taken in first post operative week for best results after surgery

Though cataract surgery is a quick and painless day care procedure but still few precautions need to be taken for optimal results

Most devastating complication after cataract surgery is infection. Usually doctors take preventive measures both pre and  intra operatively but still antibiotic eyedrops should be used as prescribed by doctor during post operative period to reduce the risk of infection. Cataract surgery is also associated with minimal inflammation in eye. For that doctors prescribe steroids along with NSAID eyedrops.

Other precautions that need to be exercised are:

  • Avoid rubbing eyes as it may cause wound leak and increases risk of infection
  • Cover your eyes by dark glasses to prevent exposure to dust and irritants
  • Avoid swimming and exposure to water for atleast 10 days after surgery
  • Avoid lifting heavy weight or strenuous exercise
  • Avoid bending  or gym for initial 2 weeks
  • Keep using medicines as advised by doctor
  • Clean eyes with cotton dipped in hot water

These are simple precautions that should be exercised for optimal visual outcome