Health screening for women should start between the ages of 40-60 years. Quite often the general hospital health check-ups are not tailored for women's health. Start your health checkup with a routine visit to your gynaecologist. This will include a breast and pelvic examination ( i.e internal check-up of the uterus and female organs.). You will be advised and taught how to do a monthly self-breast examination. Lifestyle changes will be discussed with you. The doctor will check your blood pressure, blood sugar levels and the lipid profile ( blood cholesterol). These tests should be repeated 1-2 years.

  • Paps smear, the screening for cervical cancer is recommended every 2-3 years in married or sexually active women. This can be done during your gynaecological exam.
  • A mammogram ( X-ray of the breast) to check for breast cancer every 1-2 years above the age of 40 years is advised.
  • A bone scan to check for bone density is recommended to women at risk of osteoporosis ( weak bones).
  • In addition to gynaecological checkup a dental examination yearly and eye testing, every 2 years should be carried out.

So relax have a cup of coffee or green tea if you prefer and go for that much-delayed health checkup.