Both Schizophrenia and Diabetes are chronic health conditions, one is a mental health and the other is a physical health condition.

Are they curable?

No, only the symptoms can be controlled and complications prevented with medications.

What is the prognosis or the outcome?

The prognosis or the outcome of the treatment of both conditions depends on various factors like:

 1) Individual’s age at the onset of a condition 

2) Physical makeup 

3) Psychological makeup 

4) Social and cultural makeup 

5) The willingness of the individual to take prescribed medications and 

6) Willingness to change lifestyle as required.

Why are mental health conditions thought to be more difficult to treat?

The patient, family and the doctors face various challenges before, during and after treatment of mental health conditions. They are:

1) The stigma of mental illness 

2) Expectations from the individual and the family and 

3) Co-operation of the individual and family in the treatment and support plans.

Should Schizophrenia patient take medication all his life as Diabetes patient?

No, generally 1 in 3 with psychotic symptoms recover completely and may be advised to stop medications after few years; another 1 in 3 may recover but the symptoms may recur at intervals due to various factors and he/she may have to be on medications for longer; remaining 1 in 3 may have symptoms all the time and may be advised to remain on medications for life. However patient with Diabetes has to take medications for life and have regular blood tests.