A wedding is the most important and special day of your life. With all eyes on you, you would want to ensure that you look nothing less than a queen on your big day. However, a good figure and glowing skin cannot come to you in a day. You need to plan in advance and follow a healthy lifestyle to look flawless on your D-day. Follow these healthy tips as a pre-wedding plan that will help you look radiant on your wedding day-

  • Never skip your breakfast – Ensure that you include a healthy breakfast to kick-start your day that can be a missi roti / poha / sandwich/eggs without yolk/oats in milk with nuts and fruits / upma with tea/coffee without sugar. 
  • Healthy snack time cravings – When you crave for snacks have some almonds/walnuts/bhuna chana/murmura/fruits/salads. 
  • Healthy dinner – Have your last meal at least 2 hours before you go to sleep. It takes longer to digest food at night, so keep it light and finish it off early. And if possible, try having dinner by 7 p.m. It does wonders for your body! True, you'll wake up early in morning feeling hungry, but that's good! Eat when your metabolism is at it's highest. 
  • Homemade food – Stay away from processed and junk food as much as possible. Stick to homemade food. Dear, you will miss your mom's cooked food a lot once you leave your home post-wedding.
  • Plain old water – You've heard this a million times in my write-ups, but it's really important. Two to three bottles of water in a day flush out all your toxins and keep you hydrated.

Tips to stay energized on your D-day. 

  • There is no one food which will predominantly boost your energy levels. 
  • One should keep all the above-mentioned basics in mind and include a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats in all meals.
  • Basically, the more colour and variety that you include, the more antioxidants you get to fight that stress and keep you energized as well as glowing.
  • Never skip any main or mid-meal, no matter how anxious, excited or nervous you are.
  • Always remember to be happy and stay positive.
  • Staying positive will increase your "feel good" hormones and ensure more pumping of blood, in turn, resulting in glowing skin.
  • Never go for crash or fad diets before the wedding just to reduce weight. It will not only affect your skin and hair but you will also lose your energy levels. 

Diet tips every person (attending wedding) /guest needs to follow 

  • Scan the party buffet. If there are 8 items you like, shortlist to 5 and then finally select 3 winners who will make it your plate and stomach.
  • Eat one of the following items before leaving for a function, this will ensure that you don't go overboard with the feast there.
    1. One Katori dal with salad like carrot or cucumber
    2. Any seasonal fruit
    3. One bowl of vegetable raita.
  • Some options for starters –Paneer Tikka /soya chaap. Non-veg can have roasted / tandoori / grilled chicken or fish + salad + tandoori chapati or biryani or rice with vegetable.(avoid having items with thick gravies)
  • Desserts – Rasgulla (squeeze it) or any chaina item is the best one to choose among all sweet items. Or fruit custard/kheer/ice cream/halwa at least 30 minutes after the main meal.
  • Portion size – Fill your stomach 80%, not 100% after party, have warm water at home or you can have green tea or ajwain water.
  • The day after wedding party – Have green tea/lemon water/ginger turmeric tea with fresh fruits and salads with lots of vegetables. Eat sprouts and pulses like vegetable khichri. Have chach / curd and vegetable soups.

Enjoy wedding season while staying fit and remaining slim and Please don't weigh yourself next day of the wedding.