Loose motion is the second most common illness I see in my practice after throat infections. Besides the treatment of loose motions the biggest dilemma parents face is what food should be given to the child during the illness. 

  • For children less than 6 months of age
    Do’s - Mother’s milk is best for the baby so continue breast feeding. Babies who are on formula feed, their parent can change formula milk from regular [NAN or Lactogen or Dexolac] to Soya milk powder (Nusobee or Isomyl soya) as its easily digestible. Electrol powder [ORS] to be added in the diet.
    Dont ‘s – No outside food and glucose water.
  • For children 6 months to 1 yr of age
    Do’s - Breast feeding to be continued for the baby. In weaning - food like dal, cerelac, soya milk powder, fruits [Banana or apple preferably], ragi, rava [Sooji] are completely safe. Electrol powder [ORS], coconut water and juices can be given in the diet. Dont's - No dairy milk, no glucose water, no fruits like mango and papaya.
  • For children age more than 1 yr of age
    Do’s – Keep the diet simple and bland. Dal rice, khicdi, pongal, sambhar rice, sandwiches, cerelac, roti subzi, curd rice, fruits [like banana, apple, chikoo], dosa, in the non veg food egg can be given but it should be fully cooked [boiled egg or omelette]. Electrol powder [ORS], coconut water and juices to added in the diet.
  • Dont’s – No dairy milk. Spicy [pickle, spicy gravy, non veg food], sweet [gulab jamun, kheer, halwa] and oily food [poori, vada, deep fried stuff] to be avoided as they are difficult to digest and many times increases loose motion. No glucose water.

Hope this blog helps in decreasing your dilemma in what diet to give to your child when he is suffering from loose motions.