Healthy nutrition tips to improve your exam performance by boosting your brain and healthy lifestyle with the following diet foods to avoid stressful and tense time in examination days.

Diet Tips Before Exam

More isn’t better. If one orange is good, that doesn’t mean your kid should eat 10. Mega-dosing with foods won’t help. Once your kid’s body has what it needs, the rest gets wasted. It’s like pumping gas into a tank that’s already full.

When it comes to feeding our children during exams, let’s help kids excel in exams and “Health” as well.

Include the following foods to keep them sharp, give up lethargy and gain concentration!

What To Eat During Exams


Yogurt contains helpful germs called probiotics. You may already know that these critters live in your gut and can improve the way your body uses food. But they’re also important in helping your body fight sickness. One study found that kids who had a yogurt drink had a 19% lower risk of colds, ear infections, and strep throat.


Walnuts have healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for you in lots of ways. Experts believe that omega-3s help your body fight illness. One small study found omega-3s cut the number of respiratory infections in kids. Walnuts are easy to sprinkle into a snack mix or on cereal.

Fruits and Veggies. 

To help your immune system ,have the ones that are high in vitamin C, like citrus fruits, guavas and berries .

Whole foods

Sure, orange juice has vitamin C, but your kid is better off with an orange instead. It has vitamin C and a lot more. You get a lot more nutrients from the whole food than you would from a juice or supplement.

So, dear moms…Get started…and feed your children healthy and nutritious food….not just MORE food…!