Diagnostic Tests Females

We at India IVF Clinic provide testing for fertility by all modalities ranging from reproductive hormones to diagnostic ultrasound to ascertain the cause. 

Blood tests: These include a whole array of blood investigation ranging from CBC , Urine routine microscopy, RBS, TSH,PROLACTIN,VDRL,HIV,HBSAG,HCV,AMH. And any other test depending on the history of the couple.

Transvaginal ultrasound:

A complete ultrasound of the uterus and adnexa is done to diagnose any anatomical disorder.

Specific tests: In cases of recurrent implantation failure and recurrent pregnancy loss or if required other tests are also advised.

Diagnostic Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy: For many, this test is an important part of a fertility evaluation .Laparoscopy takes place under general anaesthesia with small incisions made at or just below the navel and the pubic hairline. 

Hysteroscopy: uses another small-diameter telescope called a hysteroscope. This enables to assess the uterine cavity for abnormalities such as polyps, adhesions or fibroids.

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