Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetes, is a multi system disorder and can harm the nerves resulting into what we call as “diabetic neuropathy”. About 60 to 70% patients with diabetes end up having neuropathy. Diabetes is the most common cause of neuropathy worldwide.

Why Does it Occur?

Development of neuropathy in diabetes is mainly related to prolonged uncontrolled blood sugar. However a few risk factors have been identified.

Risk Factors:

1.Smoking , alcohol abuse

2.Age more than 40 years

3.History of periods of poor glycemic control.

4.Long duration of diabetes.


6.Ischaemic heart disease.

How Does It Present?

Depending on the location and type of nerve fibers involved, various types of neuropathies may be present, namely peripheral polyneuropathy, focal neuropathy, autonomic neuropathy etc. However, consult your doctor if you are diabetic and have any of the following symptoms.

1.Tingling and/or numbness in any part of the body

2.Burning foot pain, often worse at night

3.Shooting pain in limbs

4.Abnormal touch, pain and temperature sensation in palms and soles, typically in a glove and

stocking distribution

5.Repeated trauma to feet which was not perceived Diabetic neuropathic pain is typically a long lasting and nagging type of pain, which affects sleep, activity and overall quality of life.


 Depending on the extent of your disease process, targeted pharmacotherapy can  be given, keeping in mind the long standing nature of your pain and associated diabetes. For severe, intractable pain, other modalities in the form if monitored intravenous infusions , sympathetic blocks may be recommended. Physiotherapy and counseling is offered as an adjunct