Diabetic foot, after all it is your foot!

  1. Diabetic foot is a very common complication of diabetes, particularly in long standing diabetes or untreated kinds.
  2. Amputation of legs due to diabetes related complication is the second most common cause for amputations after traffic accidents.
  3. Diabetic foot infections can be limb threatening and/ or life threatening.You can prevent this dreaded complication by taking some simple measures every day.
  4. If you are a smoker stop now. If you have high cholesterol control it now.
  5. Always maintain good control of blood sugar level and be regular with your medicines and insulin.
  6. Walking is a MUST, if you want to prevent diabetic foot complication, please walk, walk, walk, at least 3-5 km in day. 
  7. Please make sure you wear good quality sports foot wear while going for walk.
  8. Never walk bare foot, even inside house wear comfortable sandals, while going out wear shoes. No chappals please.
  9. Wear cotton socks, every day a freshly washed pair socks must be used. 
  10. Wash your feet twice a day with normal soap and water, pay special attention to space between toes, dry feet with towel, and apply any moisturiser, even liquid paraffin or coconut oil is good enough.
  11. At bed time gently massage your feet for about 10-15 minute, it helps to improve circulation in the small blood vessels. 
  12. Take vitamins B complex and omega 3 fatty acid supplements every day, it prevents degeneration of small nerves, a major contributor to diabetic foot.
  13. Take care while cutting toe nails, do not try to cut the nails too short or you may end up injuring the skin, sometimes it is better to use a nail file.
  14. If you notice an injury, scratch or crack on the foot, sole or any where on foot, immediately see a doctor, no matter how small the injury is.
  15. These simple measures can save your limbs from dreaded diabetic foot, you need to do it every day, life long.