Cold and cough are very common in growing years of life. It may be due to change in weather, seasonal allergies etc that can thankfully be controlled easily. But sometimes cold and cough can be dangerous and may indicate serious illness. It is necessary to identify signs that indicate that the problem is bigger than mere seasonal flu.

Some of these signs are listed below:

  • Cyanosis: If your child turns bluish in colour while coughing, it should not be ignored. Bluish discolouration of skin is due to low levels of oxygen in the body known as hypoxia. It can be due to obstructive lung diseases or be choking. Immediate medical attention may be required in many cases.
  • Whooping cough: A whooping cough is a condition which is caused by an organism called Bordetella pertussis. Bouts of a cough with whooping sound are seen in these children. Pertussis is a bacterium and can spread easily, hence, proper precautions must be taken while handling an infected child. It can be prevented by vaccination during infant life.
  • Night time cough: Nighttime coughing usually signifies asthma. As a result of a change in position, bronchi go into spasm and causes breathlessness or dyspnea. It can also be due to use of certain drugs. Consult your doctor if your kid starts coughing while going to bed.
  • Sputum production: Sputum plays a very important role in diagnosing diseases. If the sputum is yellowish or greenish, it could be due to infection. Excess sputum signifies pneumonia or any other serious condition such as cystic fibrosis. It is important to observe your child’s sputum production to rule out and prevent fatal diseases.

If any of the above or other extraordinary symptoms are noticed in your child, you should not delay medical consultation any further. Take your child to the nearest pulmonologist at the earliest.