First-of-its-kind Diabetes monitoring revolutionized visualizing the complete glycemic profile. 

TheFreeStyle Libre Pro System provides physicians with the Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP), a report generated from comprehensive glucose data that provides a visual snapshot of a person's typical day—revealing hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic trends to facilitate better patient therapy and education.Healthcare professionals are able to understand how their patients' glucose levels change as they go about their daily life, which helps them personalize how they treat their patients. The data are presented in a single,user-friendly, visual chart providing health care professionals the vantage point to link an individual's glucose trends to clinical decision-making,enabling more informed and personalized treatment decisions and more productive discussions between the health care professional and patient. "Current systems for continuous measurement of glucose are cumbersome and require regular finger-pricking to ensure they are calibrated correctly for accuracy,"