Fantasying is a bad habit 

during sexAt least with human beings, sexuality is not an action majorly related to the body, but to the brain. It is highly appreciated if you can think about your partner only and still achieve satisfaction, but bringing another supermodel in your fantasies to keep the erection and mood all the way along is not a bad habit.Anything that stimulates the brain can be experimented in lovemaking, so is thoughts and fantasies. Fantasies are proved to have positive effects on sexual relationships as they help to explore your personal ambitions and likenesses. It is a generally held myth that fantasizing during sex is sign of disloyalty towards the partner.

Pull-out method prevents pregnancy 

people  generally practice the pull out method in sexuality and many a times they are backed with the myth that this will help preventing pregnancy. From among the millions of sperms, only one is required to impregnate a woman; and a very minute quantity of semen includes thousands or millions of sperms.It is not at the time of ejaculation men discharge sperms, but even the lubricating fluids may contain sperms in required quantity to enter the uterus. This misconception makes large number of people to end up in undesired pregnancy and further consequences. The pull out method may prevent pregnancy, but can never be called a safe method. 

Satisfaction is all about size!

Does the size matter? Even the educated society believes that the size contributes a lot in sexual satisfaction. But, in fact, science proves that no penis is ever small or ever big for any vagina. It is not the size that is really concerned but proper sexual practices and emotional aspects of the partners to yield proper orgasm.You can never scale the manhood with the size of his organ. It is not the hard penetrations that a woman prefers but soft, soothing and rhythmic stokes which mildly wakes up her emotional extremes. It is amazing to know that there are even size enlarging medicines in the market which is never proved to do any effect on the size.

Men are more active than women

It  is another commonly held sexual myth that men are in need of more sex than women. It is a false assumption to the core. Being members of the same species both men and women have same amount of sexual urges and desires. But unlike men, female counterparts are designed with more emotional aspects than sexual ones.A man may feel it normal to enter into intercourse with any woman he meets on the street, but a woman needs to develop emotional oneness with a man to accept him in her bedroom. This difference in attitude has brought out the feeling that men are sexually more active and women less. 

Perfect sex always ends in orgasm

A  sexual intercourse without orgasm is not considered as good sex by many couples. But, is just another sexual myth and a perfect sex need not all the times give you orgasms. Orgasm is the biological peak of sexuality not emotional. The happiness in sexuality is more emotional as even without an orgasm, people can indulge in satisfying sexuality. Orgasm is just a symbol of physical completeness of the activity. Orgasm has fewer roles in the scenarios when people even find satisfaction without intercourse.

G-Spot is the center of orgasm

It  is believed to be a myth that there exists a G-spot which is the keystone of perfect climax and orgasm. Researchers differ in opinion about the existence of a place named G-spot. The idea of G-spot was first introduced by Sigmund Freud. Doctors say that this is more of conceptual than anatomical.By Dr. Sharmila Majumdar