We are at that time of the year when most of us will enter the swimming pool to 'beat the heat!'

Though swimming is a wonderful full body exercise, it can sometimes cause problems in the ears, a condition called 'Swimmer's Ears'. Due to the constant presence of water in the ears, and sometimes because of swimming in unclean waters of rivers and ponds  etc the ears get infected leading to 'Swimmer's Ears'.


  • Wax accumulation - The presence of wax in the ears, specially when it gets excessive or dry may cause the ears to itch
  • Eczema and other skin problems - It must be understood that though the ear is a separate organ by itself the skin on the outside portion of the ear and ear canal is the same as skin elsewhere - so skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis can affect the ears as well
  • Dandruff - dandruff from the scalp can enter the ear canal and cause intense itching - it needs to be treated aggressively
  • Use of Oil in the ears - in some households there is a tradition of instilling oil in the ears - please stop doing this - it can lead to ear infection and itching
  • Using earphones/ hearing aids - Excessive use of insert earphones or an allergic reaction to hearing aid moulds/ ear pieces can cause itching.
  • Fungal infection of the ears- one of the commonest causes of ear problems, in this instance the accumulated infected debris has to be removed by an ENT Specialist before the patient can get relief.

Some well known truths must also be emphasized - do not try to clean your ears yourself - the wax in the ears is a protective secretion and will come out by itself as the ear canal skin is migratory in nature and periodically throws the wax out. Do Not insert cotton buds/ swabs / needles / pins/ pencil into the ear in an attempt to clean it - you will invariably get into trouble.

Do not instill oil and other products into the ear without a medical prescription or an understanding of the nature of the problem.

In the presence of persistently itchy ears it is recommended that you have yourself checked out at least once to find out the cause of the itching and take treatment as prescribed.

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