Most women are choosing to delay child-bearing and giving priority to their professional life. This also shows that the change in mindset and system in India and also suggests that women have an incredible level of control over their lives

With the miracle of science especially in the field of reproductive medicine has strengthened women to have more control on their body and lives especially in a stubborn society like India where though there is lot of hues and cry about saving girl child with minus output practically rather used as a marketing stunt only by the government and NGOs besides other greedy ones

Thanks for the power of IVF which has actually empowered women and given her right to plan family and not to worry about the running biological clock.

That’s the miracle of modern Science!

What is egg freezing?

It's a technology in which after basic workup of the female is first done and counselled about all steps she will undergo clearing all doubts. Then certain consents are taken and she will be planned for the ovarian stimulation

Once she gets her menstrual periods then ultrasound is done to check AFC along with basal hormones like Estradiol, Progesterone and LH. If all is within range then she will be given injectable medicines called Gonadotropins on daily basis keeping a check on the growth of follicles. Finally, she will be given ovulation trigger and the mature eggs are extracted, frozen and stored (oocyte bank). Later, when she is ready to become pregnant, the eggs can be thawed, fertilized, and transferred to the uterus as embryos after fertilizing with the partner's sperm.

What are the indications of egg freezing and who all can undertake it?

It started mainly for cancer patients but now its indications have extended over in cases o lack of male partner, single women, poor endometrium, alternate to embryo freezing, for research purposes, in certain countries where law doesn't permit embryos freezing, for export of eggs, in cases of Total fertilization failure recurrence

How safe is it?

It's definitely very much safe and make sure you go to a lab with good results with good cryopreservation facilities as ultimately what we freeze we should be able to recover also else its all a futile exercise.

How long can we store?

Depends on the law of your nation and also the indication. Like In India, we can freeze up to 1-5 years but there are reports of freezing even up to 24-25 years.