Dengue is no less than an epidemic for the people of Delhi. What’s worse is that comes back every other season and people lose lives helplessly. It’s not only the disease that’s a menace but the myths that surround the disease which makes it even more difficult for the citizens.

So, we curated these top myths about Dengue that patients at our hospital have reported to our Doctors. Let’s check the truth behind them as well:

Myth 1: Dengue affects one person only once.

Truth 1: There is no truth in this statement. Dengue is caused by four different types of viruses and if the virus enters the body of a former Dengue patient, it can affect him again. Many people stop being cautious because they have suffered from Dengue earlier, our Doctors at Bansal Global Hospital strictly advises people to be careful even if they had Dengue earlier.

Myth 2: The cure to Dengue is Papaya lead Juice

Truth 2: There had been many circulations in various social media platforms that papaya leaves cure Dengue. There is no scientific reasoning behind this. In fact, there is no definite cure to Dengue yet. The best you can do is to take rest and adhere to what your doctor advises.

Myth 3: Dark clothes attract Mosquitoes

Truth 3: It’s your body/sweat odour and the amount of CO2 that attracts the mosquitoes to you and not any certain colour. So, don’t blame your short for mosquito bites or Dengue.

Myth 4: Eating bananas in the night causes Dengue

Truth 4: As is mentioned multiple times in our earlier articles, Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease. Also, consuming any kind of fruit or vegetable does not attract mosquitoes. Hence, there is no relevancy to the myth.

These are just commonly believed myths. Once someone suffers from a disease, everyone has something to say. The smartest thing you can do is to un-hear everything and listen just to your doctor.