Bring out her inner freak with this tip. She will love it if you keep her guessing every move you are going to make.

Men enjoy a woman more if she is free in the bedroom and able to explore her sexuality. Sometimes, your woman might not come this way. It then becomes your job to bring out the freak in her.

Women are a lot more intense and they need more emotional stimulation to be more comfortable in the bedroom. They would fell more excited about sex if they know there is something to be excited about and look forward to.

So, how do you make sex a fun-filled surprise for her? Be unpredictable.

She will love it if you keep her guessing every move you are going to make. If you are rigorous one moment, be gentle the next. Make her sit on your lap, take her top off and throw her onto the bed.

A gentle touch or caress can be very powerful. Gently kiss her lips, neck and chest as she will enjoy doing the guesswork for you.

Kissing and touching your partner makes sure that you both are stimulated enough to move deep into the act. Then move your hands to her erogenous zone, and she will go into spasms. Give a gentle thrust and let the act of squeezing and touching go on for some time.

You can use your tongue to feel her. Be attuned to both her verbal and non-verbal cues and be receptive to her feedback. Her little moans and open body language will tell you that you are on the right track. (Give her multiple orgasms with these tricks).

Get these basics right and your partner will already be half way to her orgasm begging you to take her to the climax as fast as you can. This way she will have a lot more pleasurable and satisfying experience.