Something you should never do in bed 

41 year old Suresh came with ED for 7 years. His was an arranged marriage 12 years back with 37 yr old Rashi  and had one daughter 11 years old .He described himself to be horny when outside home . The problem was felt only if he tried sex with wife 

Sex was great for initial 3 years on daily basis . But slowly problems started creeping in when Rashi started to turndown his advances in bed because her mood was upset due to a minor fight . It became a daily routine when she would ask an  apology for a mistake , he or his family member had committed. Repeated rejection produced frustration and he stopped trying . She made no efforts , rather started calling him names like impotent. She thought real men are not affected by these so he should be able to have sex ,despite her rebukes  . Suresh started avoiding , sometimes sleeping in another room . Once he developed depression for which he took treatment. 

Rashi took  one step further She went to stay with her parents and disclosed the problem she was facing. . Her father suggested a few medicines to Suresh which never worked . Suresh felt he was stripped naked in public . The main reason Rashi wanted sex was to have a son so Suresh came to me for consultation to prove a point he was a normal male . 

This is a typical story to take lesson from - what you should never do . Don't make your bed a court room to settle scores . Don't try to score a point over your partner in the bed  Finish these outside . Don't turn down advances of your partner on regular basis otherwise you will be caught in the same web . Sex is the foundation for a happy married life. Don't ignore it