Muhammad Ali, who died at the age of  74 suffered from Parkinson’s disease. He couldn’t have had a worsened condition to trouble him in  the later years of his life.

For the self-proclaimed Greatest Boxer Ever who was also known for his ability to float like a butterfly around his opponents in the ring, Parkinson’s disease slowly stole his capability to control his own body movements and also put a full stop to his once meticulous commentary on everything from his opponents,religion and to his race.

The golden three decades of his career also include hit after hit to the head may also  have contributed to his condition? Boxing was not the cause for the disease is what his family believes. The cruel inclusion of Parkinson’s disease into his life was the result of his genes,  exposure to pesticides while training and outdoor gaming. 

Human body  has got genes which have been shown with a higher risk of Parkinson’s. These genes might or might not have been present in Ali’s body. some studies point to the toxins from pesticides that target the very delicate, fragile motor nerves in the brain and nervous system. The death of the neurons in Ali’s brain might also have occurred due to the repeated blows on his head. 

A series of symptoms that include slurred speech and tremors was not observed in the boxers until the early 1920’s. The relation was enough satisfying for them to name the symptom with a syndrome called dementia pugilistica. It’s in today’s world known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Scientists today have a deeper understanding of how trauma or injuries to the brain might contribute to Parkinson’s as well as to other brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. 

Mohammed Ali might have suffered with ­Parkinson’s  disease is because of brain trauma over the time in the course of his career. Mohammed Ali had started showing signs of the disease during his last fight. It can be hence said that both the reasons listed above might have caused him to suffer from the disease. Moreover the blows and the punches which he had experienced during this fight may have enhanced his symptoms and damage.

So with this can we conclude that repeated trauma can cause a person to suffer with such a grave disease?