For the construction and development of nature and body also, PRITHWI, AAP, TEJ, WAAYU, AAKASH are the five fundamental elements that are obligatory. Of these, PRITHWI, AAP and TEJ contribute to the development of ASTHI (bones). On digestion of food, seven basic constituents like RASA, RAKTA, MANSA, MEDA, ASTHI, MAJJA and SHUKRA emerge sequentially. Hence, MANSA and MEDA have a relation with the process of ASTHINIRMITI, i.e. bone formation. Unctuous, firm and stiff attributes of MANSA and MEDA attain a solid and strong form to make a bone.Bones have the function of supporting the body. They form the skeleton and framework of the body. All the other basic and fundamental quantities are rested upon this framework. When the ASTHI (bones) suffer wear and tear, problems like joint ache, the fragility of teeth, hair and nails arise.

Ayurvedic View in Orthopedic Disorder Treatment

As a result of wear and tear of bones, whenever one experiences backache, pain in the neck region, lower back pain, knee joint pains and other aches, many medicine are administered to enhance the strength and solidify the bones, but it is as equally necessary that in relation with absorption of medicines and the diet , one should have good digestive state . This is seldom taken serious, resulting in more wearing of bones even though we take a lot of supplementary calcium, vitamins etc. In ayurvedic treatment, DEEPAN-PAACHAN-SNEHAN-SWEDAN-VIRECHAN-BASTI and other procedures enhance the digestive system, consequently increasing the rate and efficiency of the digested food being converted into bones.

Panchakarmas in Treatment of Orthopedic Disorders

  • Virechana- when done in scientific procedure, virechana is a purgatory treatment by means of which the excess PITTA DOSH (biliary problem causing agents) are expelled out of the body.
  • Basti- a decoction of certain bitter herbs in milk along with clarified butter is administered in the rectum. This is called as TIKTA KSHEERA BASTI. This procedure halts bone degeneration. Surgical procedures of knee replacement, spine surgeries can be avoided with this treatment.
  • Katibasti, Manya Basti, Janu Basti- dough of wheat and black gram flour is encircled around the painful parts like lumbar and cervical region, painful joints like knee joint. Warm medicated oil is poured on that painful part. This procedure nourishes the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. Thus, bone degeneration and pain is halted.
  • Snehana- use of oil and ghee by means of external and internal way is called snehana. WAAYU responsible for bone degeneration is pacified and pain relief is established.
  • Swedana- process of induced medicinal perspiration is called swedana. Joint stiffness and pain is immediately suppressed with swedana. 
  • Pathya- wholesome dietary advice- dried dates, milk, meat, eggs, fish oil, dates, ghee, sunlight exposure etc.
  • Apathya(not to do)- stale food, untimely meals, heavy physical work, inadequate sleep, fad diet, frequent fasting, bakery items, junk and fast food, sedentary lifestyle, lack of sunlight exposure, smoking and alcohol intake, overall VAAT DOSHA boosting lifestyle.

Best Tonic for Bones

How to prepare? Take 2 spoons of cow ghee in a pan. Add 50 grams of edible Babool gum (Babool resin). Fry on medium flame. Grind the puffed babool along with 2 to 3 spoons of sugar or 50 grams of dried date powder in a grinder. Consume this powder half spoon twice daily with warm water.