FOR OUR GIRLS:1. Please do not annoyed if you find him different from what you have dreaming.

2.Reduce your expectations, accept him as he is.

3. Kindly don't compare your husband with your Father or someone especially in lovable gesture or successful in business. Don't point out how much better other men are doing.

4. Never ask questions about each other's past affairs or relationship.

5.Daily spend time with him and respect husband work.

6. Hold back the sharp word's that will turn an argument into a fight.

7. Don't try to fence your hubby.Men atrophy if they feel fenced in.They need to feel free as one of the basic masculine characteristics is a desire for freedom- face to do his job in his own way and enjoy the hobbies that fill up the chinks in his personality.

8. Don't make an issue over small things, everyone makes mistakes: don't be hesitant to compromise.

9. Try respond and not to react immediately when disturbed.

10. Never never discuss about seperation/ divorce.

11. Never use mobile after 9pm.


1.Touch , the kiss , the embrace are more important, your wife craves for attention.

2. Spend time together without interruption by your children.

3. Your wife need your supervision to protect & direct the sensitivity of her emotions.All she wants is your HAND.In return she will give you loyalty and devotion.

4. Your wife likes to dream, you must appreciate her.

5. When you have argument, don't scold her, especially with abusive language.It destroy their complete self esteem.6.As far as physical desire is concerned, every individual has a different wavelength, a different cycle of need. Men need SEX for love and women need LOVE for sex.

6. Never discuss about seperation/ divorce.

7. Never use mobile after 9pm.

If you planned for divorce, pls go only under below criteria,or else we will become an instable person.

1.Adultery, Cruelty, Desertion for at least a period of 2 yrs, conversion of religion, unsound mind( psychosis), Suffering from venereal disease or AIDS, reuunciation , not heard of as being alive for 7 yrs,No resumption of co- habitation for one year after the decree of judicial seperation,no restitution of conjugal rights for one year after decree for restitution of conjugal rights and husband guilty of rape , sodomy or bestiality.In general, marital issues can be solved best by professional counseling and not by கட்ட பஞ்சாயத்து." Let all LIVE A GOOD LIFE , NOT A LONG LIFE".


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