Virgin coconut oil is the latest hit in the healthcare industry. It is specially opted for many hair and skin care concerns by dermatologist these days. Coconut oil has always been the go-to home remedies for harsh winter weather, as this oil provides with amazing benefits for both skin and hair. It is a multipurpose oil that can be used in various ways to make your skin and hair look good and tackle some of the hair and skin problems. 

Some of the common benefits of coconut oil are described below:

Prevent early ageing: Virgin coconut oil has brilliant antioxidant properties which are very well known to contribute to delay skin ageing.

Smooth skin: Virgin coconut oil helps to maintain a healthy and smooth skin. It can be applied after taking a bath on the body to keep skin moisturized and hydrated.

Retain moisture: Virgin coconut oil helps to reduce moisture loss through pores because of its natural composition of saturated fat.

Faster wound healing: Virgin coconut oil helps in protecting from microbial infections, thus applying them on cuts or wounds will help the wounds to heal faster.

Protect against cracking: Virgin coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E, which helps to prevent skin from cracking.Help skin renewal: Virgin coconut oil also helps in skin cell renewal because of its high Vitamin E content.

Repairs damaged cells: Virgin coconut oil is rich in various proteins, which helps in replacing the damaged cells and helps in cell renewal, thus promoting the replacement of damaged skin cells faster.Soothes dermatitis and other skin infections: Virgin coconut oil works wonders when applied on injuries, it can help prevent the spread of staphylococcal infection. It also helps in treating skin disorders and also soothes the flare ups of dermatitis.

Tackles fungal infections: The anti-fungal properties of coconut oil also helps to tackles fungal infections of the skin too. Most fungal infections are minor and self-limiting, but they can be a big problem when happening on the face. Few infections like yeast infections and ringworm start as small patches of dry, scaly or rough skin, but they can flare up unexpectedly.

Helps to get rid of stretch marks: Stretch marks can be formed not only due to pregnancy but can also happen due to sudden weight gain and loss. Regular massaging of coconut oil in the can be done on the affected area to reduce stretch marks appearance.

Virgin coconut oil for skin problems: It can be very beneficial for dry skin and rashes. It can be mixed with creams and lotions and massaged over the affected areas. Skin concerns leading to dryness can be treated with the help of this; it works effectively in controlling skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.

Hair and scalp health: Virgin coconut oil works wonder for hair too. It helps in moisturizing hair and cleaning the scalp. Coconut oil also helps in strengthen the roots of the hair. Massage virgin coconut oil in scalp just 1 hour before shampooing. This will help in easily detangling hair after shampoo. Preferably opt for hot oil massage as it helps in making hair more shiny and strong. Further, this also helps hair growth.

No-clog pores: Virgin coconut oil works very well as a moisturizer as it does not clog pores. This is because coconut oil does not contain petroleum by-products and water only, which can clog pores. In fact, it sinks deep into a skin cell and helps in hydration and softening of the skin. Coconut oil also helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells, thus promoting healthier skin.

Excellent Moisturizer: Virgin coconut oil when applied on face and body after a bath can help in retaining moisture and preventing drying up of skin. It can be applied at night in a small amount after washing your face to make your skin healthier.

Cleanser and toner: Virgin coconut oil is a master product that can work as cleanser, toner, and moisturizer thus eliminating a lot of cosmetic products from your cabinet. Moreover, it works as an amazing make-up remover. Apply using a cotton ball and gently wipe off your eyes and rest of the face to remove make-up. The best part of using coconut oil as make up remover is that it leaves your skin hydrated and soft.

Acne fighter: The fatty acids present in coconut oil have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This works towards the reduction of acne breakouts. It also keeps the pores clean and diminishes the redness and dryness caused by acne on the skin.