‘Honey’ is one of the ancient and natural sweeteners extracted from ‘Honeybees’, which is used as a homemade remedy for a number of health and nutrition issues such as skin disorders, heart malfunctioning, memory and brain dysfunctioning and likewise. It’s sweet and delicious to taste but is a powerhouse of health benefits. Honey is an important part of Ayurvedic and Indian homemade medicines. The presence of vitamins, minerals, energy factors like sugar energy, antioxidants, makes it an absolute treat for health. Honey is used commercially for agricultural, chemical, ayurvedic, medical and other industrial uses.

Health Benefits of Honey:

Here’s a list that contains invincible uses and benefits of Honey. It proves its vitality with its extensive use internally (by drinking) and externally (application on the skin) in the area of health and wellness, nutrition, Ayurvedic and home medicines.

3 Major Health Benefits of Honey:

1. Honey Nutrition For Skin and Hair

It is widely used in combination with many other home foods like Turmeric, Milk etc., as an effective home treatment for skin issues. Regular drinking of milk with a combination of honey controls ageing by removing dead skin cells, wrinkles. It moisturizes skin due to its humectants compounds. It quickly heals cuts, wounds, and burns due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics. Mixed with lemon, it is used in preparing face packs to get the skin glowing. Honey is used in the treatment of Acne. Honey has vitamins, minerals and other nutrition facts that are good for hair dealing with hair issues such as hair fall, dandruff, broken hair, unhealthy hair.

2. Honey Nutrition For Weight Loss

As described earlier, honey is a gem for those with excess weight. A couple of teaspoons in morning and evening will help lose weight naturally. It enhances the metabolism process. It can be used in combination with Green Tea, Lime, Water, Cinnamon etc., to control weight gain. Note: For people with high levels of sugar and Diabetes, consumption of Honey may worsen insulin resistance condition. Hence medical advice is mandatory.

3. Honey Nutrition For Overall Health

Due to its unbeatable strength of health factors as explained above, honey is considered to be good for overall health. However, there are a few exceptions and side effects may be associated with its excessive use. A consultation with medical practitioners or registered ayurvedic physicians is recommended. Honey Nutrition for Overall Health 

Other Important Uses and Benefits of Honey are:

  • It is effective as a remedy for digestion and other gastric issues.
  • Gives soothing and relaxing effect for eyes.
  • The antioxidants in Honey are good for memory boosting.
  • A cough and cold can be reduced with regular intake of this natural food. 
  • Honey activates nerves as it contains sugars glucose that is absorbed quickly in the blood.
  • Regular drinking of milk with a combination of honey controls ageing.
  • Honey with Tulasi leaves reduces cough, cold and fever for children.
  • It controls uncontrolled urination.
  • Drops of Honey with milk increases resistance to infectious diseases among children.