Maintaining hydration is the key of healthy life.

So, let us understand few important benefits of drinking warm water.  I have intentionally used the word warm because water should never be too hot as it may damage the epithelial cells of your body, Water temperature should be of your normal body temperature that is around 37 degree celsius or up to 99 degree Fahrenheit. So, lukewarm or warm water is what we are trying to focus here on.

1) Makes a perfect start of your day - Start your blissful morning with a glass of warm water, it gives a kick start improving your body's metabolic rate thus aiding in digestion. Warm water breaks down faster as compared to cold water. It works as a wonderful laxative which reduces the risk of constipation and other associated complaints such as piles, fissures etc which are aggravated in Winter.

2) Helps with blood circulation - Warm water stimulates blood vessels thereby improving circulation.

3) Helps with body pains - Warm water helps in alleviating muscle cramps, headache, menstrual cramps as it helps in providing a calming warmth to our body muscles, relaxing them and easing spasms and cramps.

4) Helps in weight loss - Research has supported the idea that drinking hot water boosts your metabolism, helps in breaking down of fats which helps in promoting weight loss in a healthy way.

5) Fighting colds and improving sinus health - Warm water reduces the intensity of obstinate winter cough cold and other infections as warm water possess the potential of fighting against bacteria. Hot water steam is a wonder therapy for all kinds of colds and allergies and sinus complaints.

6) Glowing skin - Last but not the least warm water for healthy skin, daily intake of warm water moisturizes your skin and improves circulation. Hot water steam acts as a powerful cleanser which help in cleansing the pores adding a natural glow to your skin.

So keep calm and drink warm water!

Have a happy and healthy Winter!