The ayurvedic medication has been used in India for treatment from the past 5000 years. Ayurvedic sexologist in India does Ayurvedic treatment for sex issues that are most commonly used to get rid of problems like impotence, premature ejaculation, loss of libido and Erectile Dysfunction.

Ayurvedic medicines are most commonly the combination of herbs which helps to promote general well being and sexual health of a person.

Ayurveda for Impotence

Males impotency is compared to frigidity in females. Some of its symptoms include unable to do sex or failure to get an orgasm while performing a complete sexual act. Some of the medicines of Ayurveda that are used for the treatment to enhance sex/libido desire are called aphrodisiacs or Vajikarma Aushadhis.

Make sure to eat a healthy diet that consists of eggs, high protein foods, butter, ghee, fish, green vegetables, soybean, almond, fruits, etc. Also, avoid alcohol consumption and smoking and do exercise on a regular basis.

Ayurveda for Libido

Stress, hectic lifestyle, fatigue and tension are some of the causes of low libido and unsatisfactory sexual issues. Avoid smoking, alcohol as well as drugs and make sure to do yoga and exercise regularly.

Get a sufficient amount of sleep and relaxation and reduce your stress level by performing different techniques of yoga.

Sexual Deficiency

The major cause of this issue is psychological but it is essential to check pathological causes too. Even after consuming ayurvedic medicines for sex, it is vital to regaining self-confidence. Some of the herbal treatment options include Vita-ex Gold Plus, Shilajeet and Vita-ex massage oil.


Various herbal remedies are available for ayurvedic treatment for sex issues but before consuming any of them, make sure to consult ayurvedic sexologist in India regarding the correct dosage, duration, and diet.