Take Anuvasan Vastis (medicated oil enemas) frequently from the 8th month of pregnancy onwards to:

  • Prevents drying of Amniotic Fluid.
  • Lubricate and strengthens the whole Pelvic Area. 
  • Improves flexibility.
  • Avoids the chances of C-Section (caesarean delivery).
  • Prevents post-delivery constipation in new mother.
  • And the most important, it helps in a comparatively less-painful and faster normal delivery.
Natural Normal Delivery good for both Mother and Baby

Note-  While using this Ayurvedic treatment, women with a history of suffering from 2-3 days of long severe-labour pains were found to have a normal delivery with comparative less pain within a few hours of the start of labour pains.

Supported by Ayurvedic textbook Ashtanghridayam (1st Chapter of Sharirsthan)